A Message from Judi Sparks, TCC Manager

Judi Sparks, TCC ManagerAnother school year is upon us and we at TCC are excited about the coming year. There has been much work and collaboration this past year among the ESCs, the face of the TCC, which is what our clients see first. We are proud of the team of ESC consultants who support TxEIS and provide feedback and input from our clients to us at the TCC.

TxEIS has had 49 of the 84 TSDS PEIMS Early Adopters piloting the new TEA PEIMS system this year and assisting us in verifying that our product continues to meet all Texas mandates in a timely manner and free of additional charges. Thank you for stepping up and working with us to remain the Business and Student information system of choice for Texas schools!

As the TCC embraces this cooperative spirit, we want to thank you for the role you play in the continuous improvement of TxEIS. Our client base continues to grow with over 850 TxEIS clients for the 2015-2016 school year! TxEIS definitely KNOWS Texas!

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