Coming Soon… TEAMS


TRS Reporting and Query System (TRAQS) is going through some big changes, as I’m sure you know. Not only is the name changing to TRS Enterprise Application Modernization (TEAM) Program, but it’s requiring lots of changes under the hood, too. We’re working away on it now and will have the updates ready for you in the Winter Release when TRS begins training. Effortless mandate compliance at no extra cost to you. Ever.

More Options

TxEIS Image

Now you can display graduation plans on txMyZone without allowing students to make changes. Parents and students can see the courses and graduation plan details they need, but must talk to a school employee (e.g., a counselor) to make changes to their graduation plan. You can still hide the graduation plans or keep them open to make changes. We thought you’d like the flexibility.

One of a Kind!

TxEIS Database UtilityThe new Import HR Tables From Database Tables utility exports the payroll tables directly to the database tables. And when you run the new utility, the data is imported from the database tables into the Human Resources tables. An easy-to-use, one-of-a-kind utility!

Student Report Menu Breakout

TxEIS ImageMost Student report menus have gotten an overhaul. Now the Attendance, Grade Reporting, Health, Registration, Scheduling, and Special Education applications have submenus for reports. This means you can now give security rights to subgroups of reports in Security Administration. Secure your data with TxEIS.

Bundles of Joy

TxEIS ImageThe new bundling requisition feature makes it easy for you to group together multiple requisitions to the same vendor into a single purchase order. Organization is the key to success. And we want you to be successful!

Re-activate and/or Copy Courses in TxEIS

TxEIS ImageRe-activate courses from which students have withdrawn. Just click Include All WD Courses? on the Maintenance > Student > Individual Maint > Crs Assign tab in Grade Reporting and then select the Act Crs field next to the courses you want to re-activate. Easy! And now, copy courses from the first semester to subsequent semesters by using the Copy Courses button. No more entering multiple semesters. Just click it and be done.

Credit, Check

Credit Card ImageCredit card functionality is now available allowing you to use a credit card for in-store purchases or when creating a requisition. TxEIS has all the credit card functionality built right into it so credit card purchasing is as easy as 1-2-3. Count on us!

TxEIS Promotional Video

TxEIS ImageThe Texas Computer Cooperative and TxEIS are proud to present our first promotional video for TxEIS. Shay Adams, Chief Financial Officer for Lovejoy ISD, commends us for, among other things, our fantastic customer service. You know we pride ourselves on our product, but we take great pride in you being a part of our family, too. Always feel free to contact your Education Service Center with any questions you might have. You’ll get the TxEIS welcome you deserve!

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