One more winter conference (TASBO)


Last one until June — and it’s certainly not least. The 70th TASBO Annual Conference is being held in Dallas. Quite a milestone. Stop on by and see us. We’re in booths 337/436 in the exhibit hall on March 1st and 2nd (the conference runs from the 29th of February to the 4th of March). We hope to see you there!

TxEIS has TREA CASE Solved

TxEIS Image

Starting with the release of 2.0.0005, you will be able to import data that you completed using the Texas Rural Education Agency (TREA) Community and Student Engagement (CASE) Solved tool. Using the web-based application, fill in the necessary Student and Community Engagement indicators, required by Texas Law. Download the file and you’ll be able to merge it right into the TxEIS PEIMS application using the Merge TEA Format File utility. For more information about the CASE Solved tool, visit the TREA website. Questions for us? Contact us.

New TxEIS: Pop-ups

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Sure, the typeface will make the pages cleaner and even more legible, but the new and improved pop-ups will have you oooing and ahhing. They will be floating windows, which you’ll be able to move and resize. And, common thread with this Release, they’ll be faster than ever. TxEIS: Moving forward for you. Contact us with any questions.

Subbing in alternates

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Sometimes you have to call in the alternates. Usually it’s a little tricky to tell when, though. We’ve made it easier with the new List of Students Requesting Alternates report in Scheduling. It provides a list of students and their alternate course selections. You’ve got quite a few choices of how the information is displayed (e.g., a list of courses for which the course you entered was chosen as an alternate), so you can make an informed decision. And we know you will, coach! TxEIS: leading you to victory.

Online Registration — streamlining the process

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The beginning of the school year is always hectic. Getting all those forms printed and filled out and signed and returned. There are a lot of them — proof of residence and immunization, code of conduct, home language survey, and more . Not to worry, though, because it’s only going to get easier for you. TxEIS is going to be providing “standard” forms in the Online Registration process that will facilitate data collection. It’s coming this summer! We’ll give you more specifics as the time approaches, so make sure you check back frequently. And always contact us with your questions.

New TxEIS: Faster Page Display

TxEIS Image

Besides having a great new look, TxEIS has had some work done under the hood, too. One of the benefits of making the visual changes to the system is that because of how it’s done, the pages will render more quickly than ever. So not only do you get to enjoy a refreshed look, you get to enjoy the performance enhancements it comes along with. TxEIS: moving forward for you. Contact us with any questions.

TRAQS/TEAM changes coming soon

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With TxEIS you get trusted compliance with state and federal mandates. You know that. But what exactly does that mean? Here’s one excellent example. Coming up in the 2.0.0005 Release, TxEIS will have changes in place for you to begin the TEAM, TRS’s modernized reporting system, certification process. We’ve made lots of changes already to fields and utilities for the upcoming Release. You can rest assured that we’re on top of future changes, too. TxEIS works hard to make sure that we’re in compliance with TRS so that you’re in compliance with TRS. Texas strong, TxEIS proud. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.