Industry Leader

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FitnessGram is back with a new provider and TxEIS was one of the first Student Information Systems to get approval for submission. What’s that mean? It means even before you were ready and able to submit your FitnessGram files, we were. The submission dates are April 18th through June 10th. Let TxEIS, as an industry leader, put you at ease because we’re always one step ahead. Contact us with your questions.

TSAC success… again

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You might think that this is a bit repetitive‚Ķ Well, I guess it is. We can’t help that TSAC was once again a great success. The weather was uncooperative in some places, but we still had a good showing with consultants coming from all over the state.

There were any number of topics discussed including a training for Grade Averaging/Class Ranking, highlights from the Documentation team and New Consultant Training (click the link to see all the fine folks who attended that back at the end of February), a demonstration of txConnect Online Student Registration (with new forms that will make registration that much easier) and a stimulating, open discussion of application design that will bring exciting changes in the future.

We’re confident in our product and our customer service. Get in touch with any questions.

Battle of Flowers

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It’s the biggest party in San Antonio — maybe even the state of Texas. Battle of Flowers attracts over 350, 000 people annually and is the oldest and biggest event of fiesta. And, this is a fascinating, progressive fact, it is the only parade in the United States that is produced entirely by women, according to the Battle of Flowers official website.

We’d love to have you join us for the party (some of us here in San Antonio are off that day), but even if you can’t, you can always contact us with your questions about any of our all-year-round stellar products.

Happy Fiesta, y’all.

Summer PEIMS

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Summer is around the corner. That means your Summer PEIMS submissions are too. Don’t cancel those vacation plans just yet, though. TxEIS makes sure you’re in compliance with state mandates and ready to go. So get that bathing suit ready and go have some fun this summer! Contact us with your questions.

Personal Graduation Plan

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Graduation is just around the corner for some, but your students need a personal graduation plan now. Look no further than the robust Graduation Plan options in TxEIS. As you know, the Texas Computer Cooperative knows Texas and IS trusted compliance with federal and state mandates. So we’ve got college readiness, industry credentials or certifications, monitor plans, endorsements. You name it, we’ve got those mandates and more covered. Want to know more? Get in touch with us.

TxEIS Student Advisory Committee Meeting

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It’s that time again. Time for your TxEIS Student consultants to meet up again and share their knowledge. Discussions include things like best practices and upcoming enhancements. We want to make sure that your consultants are always prepared for your questions. Don’t take my word for it, though. Give us a call and find out for yourself why TxEIS is the best in Texas.

Helpful HelpDesk

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TxEIS is a client-driven software for Texas schools — you know that. But did you know that we have a HelpDesk ticketing system to help us keep track of things like enhancement requests? And in a continuing effort to make sure we’re on top of all of it, we’ve just upgraded. We believe that clients drive our success, so we make sure that we have the tools necessary to put you in the driver’s seat. Contact us with any questions.