Move to Grade Reporting

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Maybe you’ve heard of the term Move to Grade Reporting (MTGR). Maybe you call it something else. Basically it means moving all of your scheduling information (tracks, courses, schedules, calendars, newly enrolled students, students moving on to the next grade, all of that and more) to the current year so you’re ready to go for the first day of school. Whatever you call it, you’ll be out to a fast start with iTCCS and TxEIS MTGR. Questions?


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It’s collection time. Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) collection that is. iTCCS and TxEIS are here to make sure you get all your ECDS data in order for submission coming up next week. Any questions you might have? Let us know.

Happy 4th

Texas Computer Cooperative Fourth of July Sparkler

Happy Independence Day! We here at the TCC hope that you have some lovely plans with family and friends tomorrow.